Transgender person sexually assaults teenage boy in Stamford

So often our opponents say that so-called “transgender” people are the target of harassment and are rarely, if ever, the transgressors. However, a story this week out of Stamford, Connecticut blows up that claim.

A transgender person was arrest early Wednesday morning after police say “she” sexually assaults a teenage boy at Stamford Town Center in April. Isaiah Johnson, 20, was charged with second-degree sexual assault and is being held in lieu of $25,000 bond.  

The accused transgender person is known to patrol officers and was picked up in the same spot where she met with the youth, a teenage boy with special needs. According to police, Johnson allegedly lured the teenager into the men’s room at the Stamford Town Center and assaulted him. Police have video of the two enter the men’s bathroom.

This story takes on an ironic twist in that Connecticut has a Bathroom Bill about to be law, after being approved by the House and Senate, that will only lead to increased attacks such as this. This is a sad story, and one that Massachusetts legislators should pay special attention to as they deliberate on the future of the Bathroom Bill.

    Source: Stamford Advocate


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