Pro-Life victories begin at the Assembly for Life

This Sunday, our friends at Massachusetts Citizens for Life will host their annual Assembly for Life at Faneuil Hall in Boston. Due to a family obligation, radio personality Howie Carr had to cancel his keynote speech, but former Boston Mayor and Vatican Ambassador Ray Flynn has been chosen to replace him.

In addition to Ambassador Flynn’s keynote address, there will be performances by the Montrose School A Capella Singers, as well as the presentation of the Family of the Year Award. Clergy of various faiths and political leaders from both parties will be on hand as well for the proceedings.

With the New England Patriots playing the New York Jets on Sunday, you may think you have to make a choice. But the Pats don’t kick off until 4:30 pm so you won’t have a problem since the Assembly for Life runs from 2:00 to 4:00 pm!

For more information, please visit MCFL online at or call 617.242.4199. We hope to see you there on Sunday. You can download a PDF copy of the flyer by CLICKING HERE.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday RESOURCES

Churches across America will be focusing on the God-given right to life both this Sunday, January 16, and next Sunday, January 23, as we mark the awful anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973. Our friends at Family Research Council (FRC) have created a church-friendly Bulletin Insert for use during services on one of these two Sundays.

Simply download the Bulletin Insert PDF, print it out, copy it double-sided, cut down the middle, then distribute the half-sheet copies inside your Sunday bulletin or worship folder.  


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