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A Glimpse Into This Year’s Legislation

by MFI News

With a new legislative session in MA starting last month, we’ve been working hard to analyze the more than 5,000 bills filed in January. While bill numbers and full text are not yet available, we want to give you a preview of some of the priority legislation we will be actively involved with over these […]

Local MA Couple Celebrates 75 Years of Marriage this Valentine’s Day

by MFI News
HAPPINESS is a habit-3

We hope you will enjoy this short video about a local Massachusetts couple who celebrated 75 years of marriage this past summer. Through their life-long commitment and love for one another, Charles and Anna have built a legacy that will last far beyond their lifetime. Click below to hear their story.

Allen West to be Keynote Speaker at October 16 Banquet – Register NOW!

by MFI News

I am delighted to announce the Honorable Allen West, decorated war hero, military advisor, Congressman, author, national news contributor and conservative leader, will be MFI’s keynote speaker at the October 16, 2015 Annual Fundraising Banquet. The Banquet, which boasts renowned pro-family speakers each year, draws over 500 guests. Last year, banquet tickets SOLD OUT quickly, so register now to reserve […]

Valentine’s Day is About Marriage!

by MFI News

Every February 14th, couples around the world celebrate the beauty of love and romance, but did you know that Valentine’s Day came to be as a consequence of marriage? Saint Valentine, for whom the holiday was named, is a historic figure who esteemed natural marriage between one man and one woman so highly that he […]

MFI at the National March for Life

by MFI News
March For Life 2014

Last Tuesday, my heart was full as I held my newborn niece in my arms a few hours after she entered the world. Two days later, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, my heart was broken as I marched for the 57 million babies who never had the chance to enter the world. As sobering […]

No Taxpayer Funded Sex Change Operation for Convicted Killer

by MFI News
Robert Koselik, Michelle Kosilek

WOBURN – The United States District Court of Appeals in Boston has ruled that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will not have to pay for the sex change operation of a convicted murderer.  Robert Kosilek, who post incarceration goes by the name “Michelle,” is serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of his wife in […]

Keep Bathrooms and Locker Rooms Safe for Your Family

by MFI News
Bathroom Bill Banner

For the last several years, MFI has fought successfully against legislation such as the “transgender bathroom bill” to keep bathrooms and locker rooms (more formally known as “public accommodations”) safe for you and your families. Because of this, transgender activists have decided to change their strategy. Rather than aiming exclusively for state-wide legislation, supporters of the transgender […]

Report on Fatherlessness: Online Release

by MFI News

As we work to promote and preserve family values in our culture, we know we can’t put a price tag on the value of the traditional family as an institution.  But we are able to count the costs, both economically and socially, of family decline in our Commonwealth. And so, as part of our research […]

Marriage goes to the Vatican – The Humanum Conference

by MFI News
logo humanum

With Thanksgiving this week, we are reminded of the treasure we have in family and the glue that holds it all together-marriage as a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman. Despite marriage coming under increasing attack in our country, it is encouraging to know that this essential institution is still recognized and cherished by […]

A Look at Tuesday’s Election

by MFI News
ma state house

Well, it’s the day after the morning after and a chance to reflect on Tuesday’s election results. We in the traditional family values camp can rejoice about the national results with most of the conservative victories in the Congress and State Governor races going to pro-life and pro-marriage candidates. On the top of the ticket […]