Celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday will give you the opportunity to give back to local non-profits in charitable end-of-the-year giving.


On Tuesday, November 29, will you stand with Massachusetts Family Institute and help us ensure that pro-family advocates giving-tuesday-socialwill continue to have a strong voice in Massachusetts’ public policy and culture?


This year, MFI has helped lead the fight against the dangerous Bathroom and Locker Room Law which infringes upon the privacy and safety rights of women and children in Massachusetts. As key members of the Keep Massachusetts Safe coalition, we helped educate and mobilize hundreds of volunteers to gather the 50,000 raw signatures needed to put the law on the ballot.

MFI also needs your support as we work to equip church members through the Engage the Bay State curriculum and as we stand up against harmful pieces of legislation that would open the door to:

  • Physician-assisted Suicide
    Fueled by their recent victory in California, anti-life activists will begin the process of getting “assisted suicide” on the 2018 ballot. The engagement of churches to educate and mobilize people of faith will be absolutely critical, as it was in 2012 when we prevented assisted suicide, with its slippery slope to euthanasia, from legalization in Massachusetts.
  • Mandatory sex education
    Planned Parenthood and NARAL tried to force their Sex Ed Mandate into our schools with legislation requiring students as young as 12 to learn about non-reproductive sex acts.  We were able to stop this bill in 2016, but we fully expect it to resurface next year.
  • Family counseling Ban
    When we oppose the enshrinement in our laws of “gender identity” and transgenderism, it’s not just because of obvious privacy and safety concerns. We are also concerned about the redefinition of what it means to be created in God’s image, male and female, and the normalization of a deep psychological confusion in the minds of our children. This session we were able to stop legislation that would have classified as child abuse the counseling of gender confused children to feel comfortable in the body God gave them.  The only counseling that would have been permitted is counseling to manipulate and harm a child’s body with artificial hormones and amputation of healthy organs.  This counseling ban bill is a direct threat to the rights of parents and the conscience of mental health professionals.  The ban is already in effect in a handful of states and we know the bill will be back next year.
  • Religious Liberty
    The biggest crisis people of faith are facing is the growing threat to religious liberty.  This is another reason why we are fighting so hard to undo the damage of the newly passed Bathroom and Locker Room Law.  On September 1, the MA Commission Against Discrimination and our state Attorney General announced that the new law would apply to churches, which would be an unprecedented intrusion into the life and teaching of our houses of worship.  And if churches and clergy are found to be in violation of the new law, they will face heavy fines or even imprisonment.MFI works hard to educate pastors about the threat to religious liberty posed by this and other laws.  When the unconstitutional guidelines on the Bathroom and Locker Room Law made national headlines for their flagrant violation of the First Amendment, we had not one, but four churches willing to take a stand.  With the help of our national partners at Alliance Defending Freedom, these churches filed a suit in federal court seeking an injunction to stop this law from going into effect against churches.  These brave pastors are taking a stand for all of us, because if the First Amendment doesn’t protect churches, it doesn’t protect anyone.  Although we hope to repeal this law in 2018, our churches need relief NOW.  We cannot allow, even for a moment, this type of government intrusion into the sacred space of our sanctuaries.

Will you stand with us this #GivingTuesday in support of family values in Massachusetts?



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