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Mineau Steps Down as MFI President; Beckwith Elected Successor

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Mineau Steps Down as President, Massachusetts Family Institute Beckwith Elected Successor Woburn, MA – The Board of Directors of Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) announced today in a planned succession that MFI President Kris Mineau will become the Institute’s president emeritus and Andrew Beckwith, executive vice president, will assume the role of president. “After 10 years [...]

The FACTS about the Sex Ed Mandate Bill

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As pro-family citizens emailed and called their legislators about HB 3793, its sponsor, Representative James O’Day,  (See his 100% approval rating from NARAL.)  sent out an email (You can read the full email HERE.) to all the representatives on Beacon Hill.  He desperately tried to reassure his colleagues that the Sex Ed Mandate “would NOT interfere with local [...]

Sexual Integrity Education

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Today’s teens live in a culture of sexual confusion that does not direct them toward healthy relationship choices. Many of them seek love in uncommitted sexual relationships that put them at risk for life altering events such as unmarried pregnancy, disease, emotional devastation and financial insecurity. How do we as Christians help our children acquire [...]

Same-sex ‘Marriage’ and Polygamy on the move

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...and now Polygamy.

As 2013 comes to an end, it seems many of the implications of the breakdown of our law and culture surrounding marriage and family are playing out in accelerated fashion. Judges flaunt amendments protecting marriage and dismiss laws against polygamy.  What will it mean for religious liberty and freedom of speech as our society continues [...]

Together, we can STOP predatory gambling from coming to MA.

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UPDATE Dec 2013: We have met the first milestone! We have been formally notified by the Secretary of State that of the 76,192 signatures that were submitted on December 4th,  72,901 were certified which more than met the constitutional requirement of  68,911 certified signatures. Needless to say, this is a major accomplishment and to every [...]

40 Days for Life – Fall 2013

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 40 Days for Life locations in Massachusetts for the Fall 2013 campaign: 40 DAYS FOR LIFE – ATTLEBORO, MA website: contact: vigil site: Four Women, Inc. 150 Emory St. Attleboro, MA 40 DAYS FOR LIFE – BOSTON, MA – **new campaign!!** website: contact: Rita Russo,, 617-285-4003 vigil site: Planned Parenthood [...]

One Nation, Under God

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Defending the Pledge

On the morning of September 4th, MFI’s Exec VP and General Counsel Andrew Beckwith attended oral arguments at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston on a case that could eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance from our public schools.  The American Humanist Association, on behalf of three atheist students and their parents in the Acton-Boxborough school [...]

Counseling Ban

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Updated Counseling Ban HB 3907 graphic

You need to know about a new bill being discussed at the State House this summer.  HB 3907, sponsored by Representative Sciortino (he is also a lead sponsor of the Bathroom Bill), would restrict the rights of minors with unwanted same-sex attractions to seek out their treatment of choice and not be labeled as lesbian, [...]

Unstoppable comes to MA

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The latest movie from Provident Films (makers of Courageous, October Baby, and Fireproof, to name a few) brings Kirk Cameron back to movie theaters September 24 with the follow-up to his record-breaking theatrical event, Monumental. In UNSTOPPABLE, a brand-new documentary, Kirk takes you on a personal and inspiring journey to better understand the biggest doubt-raiser in faith: [...]

VIDEO: Kris Mineau reacts to DOMA decision on NECN Broadside

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Supreme Court Weighs in on Marriage

Broadside: Cases settled, divide remains Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 7:32pm (NECN) – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage Wednesday in two cases – DOMA and Prop 8. While gay activists are elated by the rulings, opponents say they’re not done fighting. Sue O’Connell is the publisher of Bay Windows, which serves [...]